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    Not So Random Thoughts!

      Excited about the hubster and I taking a road trip soon! The planning/researching has been so exciting to me. Craving a Big-Mac from McDonalds. #dontjudgeme Needing to not stress about the current class that I’m taking. Thankful for seeing another day so I can be thankful for all that I have. Wanting to stop feeling so fatigued. Even with the medication I’m on for my thyroid issue, the fatigue is real. Loving where I’m at with my life at the moment. I am finding a deeper profound for life and happiness. My psychology courses have totally helped me in many ways. Missing my mom every.single.day. Her being gone still hits me like a ton of bricks.…

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    I’m Learning….

    I haven’t felt this good about life in a long time but I’m finding myself there! I have so much to (write) blog about. There’s a lot that I will be (writing) blogging about here soon. I think I just needed that “something” to get me back to this point of wanting to write so that I cant get back into blogging. I’m excited!!! Follow and Share:

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    To Blog or Not To Blog? That Is The Question!

    There are multiple people that I follow and I enjoy reading their posts. I do have a bad habit of not leaving a reply. I’ve come to admire those that are able to keep up with the routine of posting regularly. You’d think that as someone (me) that enjoys writing that I’d post more but I find myself posting more on my many (don’t judge me) Instagram accounts instead. Hopefully I’ll find my niche in blog land but if not, I’ll still be perfectly happy just posting when it it hits me to do so. Happy Blogging! Or Not! Follow and Share:

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    2018 and Not So Random Thoughts…

    I was going to write a post about how 2017 went; I’ll make a separate posts on how Christmas Eve and Christmas day went because it was awesome. I decided not to because I’m focused on 2018. I have reflected back on 2017 in hopes of not making some of the same mistakes. I’m introverted, well unless I’ve been drinking (LOL).  I don’t enjoy talking on the phone. I love to write and hate small talk. I prefer bookstores, thrift stores (I loathe going to the mall). I prefer music (particularly jazz) over watching television unless it’s a documentary or a movie I think I’d enjoy watching. I love the relationship…

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    Christmas 2017

    I’m determined to make the most of this Christmas. It’s still so very hard to know that my mom isn’t here, then I lost my sister this year on top of other issues that have been going on this year. Praying that 2018 is better. Click Photos to Enlarge     Follow and Share:

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    2017 into 2018; Goals

    I’ve always been someone that said when I’d do something, I did it. Ya know, the kind of person you could depend on; whether it was doing something for myself or others. Over the years, I’ve sort of lost myself. I’m hoping to find her before the year is out so I can start anew for the new year. Some things I want to get back into doing and some things that need to be done… PRIORITY: Church. I need church. Whether it’s going to a Wednesday service or Sunday service. I’m not an overly religious person but without God as front and center in my life, life for me will…

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    What to Expect When You’re (not) Expecting… Menopause — Pearls and Pantsuits

    Remember that book we all read, back in the day, when we were expecting our first babies? Well here’s my blog version of that helpful little book, but it’s about the other fun thing that happens to us women. Hello. My name is Andy, and I survived menopause. And so did my husband. I remember when […] via What to Expect When You’re (not) Expecting… Menopause — Pearls and Pantsuits Follow and Share:

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    Weight Loss Journey

    So tomorrow I get this weight loss journey underway.  I’m going to go in with positive thoughts. I know that it is going to take discipline to be successful with this. My body and health will thank me for doing so. I’ve created a plan, which I’m hoping is sufficient. Especially since it’s been a hot minute since I’ve eaten right and exercised. I know that getting a decent night sleep will be beneficial as well. Again, discipline is going to come into bed for me ti unplug from the electronics by 10 p.m. and hopefully be sound asleep by 11 p.m. Follow and Share:

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    Weight Loss Journey

    Last week I had my first appointment with at a weight management clinic. I can tell you it was very eye opening having the doctor go over my results. I learned a lot about my body’s fat segmentation during the appointment. I will expand on that later in another post; I’m so sleepy right now. I received my prescription for Phentermine today which I will start taking Monday. I’m just hoping that the side effects listed isn’t too bad. I do know that the medication is not long term and that I still have to put in the work. I’m going to take plenty of before and after pictures and…

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    Domestic Violence Statistics and Awareness

    While I blog about day to day life, I also use my blog as a platform in raising awareness on social issues. Watching my mother be abused at the hands of my father is my catalyst in raising awareness. Being a victim myself of domestic violence is my catalyst in raising awareness. Helping victims become survivors, is my catalyst in raising awareness. Image source: www.socialworkdegreeguide.com Follow and Share: