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    Scuba Diving; and Passing Online Test.

    I’ve wanted to scuba dive since I was young. What stopped me as I got older? Fear of drowning! When I was younger, a relative threw me out into the water in an attempt to teach me to swim. Well all it did was cause me to panic and I almost drowned. Now that’s not to say I don’t go into the pool or in the water at the beach. Up until last year (specifically), I was mainly a wall hugger in the pool and I wouldn’t dare go out too far at the beach. Hell, there were times when I’d start to hyperventilate when I needed to wash my…

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    Not So Random Thoughts

    Today was a pretty productive day for me. First I deactivated my Facebook account. I then forced myself to get up early so that I could knock out my household chores. I purged items in my closet to give to Goodwill. I organized my file cabinet and just a whole bunch of other stuff I knocked out today that I felt needed to be done. I hate clutter or not being organized. I’ve taken a leave of absence from school; just a week. My thoughts are all over the place at the moment. At times I don’t think it has fully sunk in that my sister has died. She has…

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    2017 Goals

    It’s like the saying goes “write it down and then make it happen.” I’m more of a visual person, so I’ll print this out and hang up near my computer and on the fridge which will hopefully keep me on track. My (personal) goals for 2017…. Purchase a second car for the hubster, so that I can use the van. Start a meet-up group. I had quite a few members on my previous group but couldn’t keep it up due to our car situation. Apply for a part time job related to what I’m in college for. I recently learned that I could work as a “sitter” for kids at…

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    Back To School

    *Click To Enlarge* I’ve been trying to complete my degree, well since forever. There has been one thing after another that would force me to take a leave of absence. Those would eventually run out and I’d  end up having to withdraw. Last year it was due to complications after having my hysterectomy. I decided to re-enroll because at this point in time, I have the opportunity to really focus on my studies. I know I cant predict  when something may happen but it’s a bridge I will cross once I get to it.  Follow and Share:

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    Productive Day Today

    I took the time today to respond to emails. I was able to figure out some things for my meet-up next month which I’m super excited and nervous about. My plan, later down the line, is to also include those who have young daughters and/or nieces. I really want these meet-ups to be one of empowerment/encouragement not only for the adults, but the children as well. I didn’t have a mother-daughter relationship (growing up) with my mom in the sense of us sitting down to have (girl) talks or going out for mommy-daughter time. That didn’t happen until I was much, much older. I had to run to Wal-Mart last night…

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    It’s All Starting To Come Together

    I’ve been doing some major research and planning so that I’m not thrown for too much of a loop. I have to be organized in some way and having a binder helps. Especially since I will be utilizing public transportation which will limit the amount I carry in my backpack. I’m sure the first few weeks days  (of my walking from the bus stop to the office) will be rough and tough cause I haven’t exercised in well over a month….*sigh* Aside from all things related to my organization, I also wanted to start having a meet-up, maybe once a month that would include women that I personally know that have…

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    2016 – I Will Not

    When I say the last 2 yrs have been trying. I mean they have been trying. Especially with the  passing of my mom in 2013. During the last year or so, I have learned a lot about myself through different experiences and realizing that I need to break the cycle that I usually find myself in. With that came the realization that I need help. As in professional help. I’ve found a counselor and just waiting to be emailed back regarding insurance.  So with that, in 2016 – I Will Not… Follow and Share: