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    Christmas 2017

    I’m determined to make the most of this Christmas. It’s still so very hard to know that my mom isn’t here, then I lost my sister this year on top of other issues that have been going on this year. Praying that 2018 is better. Click Photos to Enlarge     Follow and Share:

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    The Cranberry and Christmas 2015

    This was supposed to have been written before the new year. But better late than never I suppose… There’s really no way to (perfectly) describe the sadness I (still) feel of my mom’s passing. It’s even harder when the holidays roll around. However, I was determined to make the most of Christmas for the sake of my (step)children. Reality started to set in the day before Christmas. The hubster put on some Christmas music but deep down I was wishing he’d stop playing it. Some of the songs triggered memories – some good and some bad. The bad meaning that my dad didn’t care if it was the holidays or…

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    Christmas 2015

    The holidays are still very difficult for me to deal with since the passing of my mommy. Some days Im able to deal with her not being here and other days, it will hit me that she isn’t. Recently, I remembered that I did indeed used to crawl into bed with her, before I became an adult, to watch her do crossword puzzles and eat Oreo cookies. Those were her favorites and she would also add a slice of cheese on top. I was determined to make the most out of the holidays this year. I know my mommy would want me to. Especially since I have (step)children. Since we’re…